Where I Went Wrong

I looked into the sky one day
Looked at the clouds, remembering how they used to play
Changing their shape, I never knew how
Into a dragon, a face, or maybe a cow
I looked up at them, but didn't see them play
I couldn't find those familiar shapes from my earlier day
I looked hard, where had they gone, I wanted to know
I looked up at the clouds and noticed their flow
I noticed their shape and how quickly they passed us
I looked and saw not a face but a cirrostratus
I thought to myself, now that's quite drear
I look for my imagination, and it's not here
There was something in my eye, either rain or a tear
What could have happened to cause such a disaster?
To lose that which I once mastered
That something so valuable to lead a healthy life
I realized what it was and laughed with strife
It hit me hard, and it bit like a knife
I recognized the mistake as soon as I saw it
I saw the result, the action, what caused it
And now that all of you are asking what's up
I'll tell you what happened, I grew up.

By: Jason LaGarde, 1992