I was saddened to discover that on May 10, 1999, Shel Silverstein was found dead in his apartment. I found an article about it at Banned-Width's Shel Silverstein's Adult Works site. His poetry brightened my life as a child and continued to inspire me as an adult. Please take a moment to reflect on how he affected your life and be thankful for it. Let us be thankful that he can continue to live on in his poetry. Again, if you need to get in touch with me for any reason, I can be reached at quix@qu-i-x.com

I did add poems upon request to my site, but my life has become increasingly hectic lately so I am unable to respond to all of your e-mail. Indeed many of you probably wonder if I am receiving any of your mail. I am, and I apologize that I have been unable to respond. Suffice to say that everyone has a favorite and were I to continue I feel sure that the entire collection of all of Mr. Silverstein's poems would eventually find their way onto my site. I will add more when I have time, but please keep in mind that I am simply putting this page up here to share my love of his works with the world, and do not actually have the time to respond to everyones e-mails. My apologies.

It's gladdens me to know that so many of you have been touched by his poems like he touched me. May laughter always find you when you need a smile.

A Light in the Attic

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Falling Up