Questions of a Poet

Why do I write?
       What am I trying to say?
With each tap of the keyboard
I strive to put another part of my soul
Into a poem or story that I create
       To what end?
To make others understand me?
       Do I need to be understood?
       Am I understandable?
       Some say its easy
       Some say its impossible
       Some just don't care
All I know is that I type
I type and I write
To tell someone out there more about me
       Or is it not someone out there I'm trying to tell?
Is it really a my subconscious screaming for my conciousness to understand
       Understand what?
        I don't know
        Maybe it should scream louder
I need to express myself
Express myself in such a way that someone can see and understand
Understand me
Who I am
What I am
Why I am that way
Maybe they could tell me
Someone should tell me
Its a strange world and I'm a stranger inside it
        Does that make me normal?
        I don't think so
I'll just keep writing
And trying each time to show another angle to my soul
Maybe it will glint off and hit me in the face
I'd like to see it
I think.

-Jason LaGarde
May 14, 1997