Most everyone had and/or has their favorite super hero at one point or another. Superman, or Batman, or Wolverine, or Lobo, or whoever. Me, I like the little man. I went for a super-hero who most noone had ever heard of and those who did, didn't care. That was Quasar.

I've grown out of comics since then. But I still maintain my collection of Quasar comics. The series has ended, but I remain faithful.

Like most super-heroes, Quasar had another identity, one that lead a normal life, while he did his cosmic crusading on the side. He was born Wendell Vaughn and that was who he was. Very few knew of his secret identity, but one of those that did was his father. His father was a scientist and this made their relationship which was already tenuous, even more so. This made for interesting speculations from that of the normal person.

Quasar got his power from golden guantlets that he wore on his wrists, he slipped them on during an attack to defeat the enemy, but as of yet, all who they knew to have used had exploded because they were unable to control the vast amount of power they held. Wendell was able to control the power not by exerting his control, but by working with it, letting it flow. Later, it was discovered that the wearer of these gauntlets are the chosen of a cosmic entity named Eon. And after a few costume alterations, Wendell became officially known to the universe as Quasar, the cosmic protector!

The gauntlets allowed him the power of flight, the ability to jump through hyperspace, and the ability to create solid constructs out of light.

One of the things that first attracted me to Quasar was that he wasn't like all the other super-heroes. He had a life outside of being a super-hero. He had difficulty balancing being a super-hero and keeping a full-time at the same time. He had serious trouble keeping a social life as well. In addition, Quasar wasn't perfect. He made serious screw-ups that cost both him and others severly. Other heroes always seem to do the right thing and end up on their feet. This wasn't the case here. And it gave Quasar a more human quality.

I'm not plugging an ad for Quasar, I just want you to understand why I maintain my fascination with this comic-book hero. I hope I've accomplished that.

By the way, in case you didn't notice if you click on the Quasar image at the top, it will bring up The Quantum Zone which is an incredible source of information regarding Quasar. I was amazed to find it, but thrilled all the same. Check it out if you are at all interested!