Our Love

My soul cries,
My spirit moans,
The essence of my being slumps in despair.

I am alone,
I am incomplete,
There is no one in the world, but me.

I am empty,
My soul aches with an unknown need,
There is something missing, what?

Suddenly a touch,
Suddenly a caress,
A warm word where there was none before.

I am not alone
There is another
There is someone else in the world but me.

A feeling of loving,
A feeling of being loved,
A feeling of a love that needs to be.

I am whole,
I am complete,
The part of me that was always missing is here.

My soul rejoices,
My spirit sings,
The essence of my being swells with incredible happiness.

I am you.
You are me.
We are us.

And we are together,
In love.