"The Man in the Moon"

A young man taking a nightly stroll
Wondering what his future did hold
He looked up into the night
Stared out into the star light, star bright
Made a wish on a shooting star
Looked out on planets billions of miles far
Took in the starry sky for all that it was
And sent out a wish that carried his love
Then he turned and faced the man in the moon
He looked at that wise face as it approached night's noon
He wondered what secrets it knew
The face that had seen love that was true
What hadn't the man in the moon not had to face?
As he stared out at our planet, fixed in his place
Watching forever the events on this earth
Watching and learning since this planet's birth
How much knowledge that face does hold
Oh if only that knowledge could be told
That he could know what that face does know
That he could use that knowledge, what crops he could sew
He would finally know what was right and what was wrong
He would see the truth in every speech, poem, and song
He could create world peace, but more importantly
Know what his life was really meant to be
He could see what roads should be taken
He would never falter or be mistaken
"Oh man in the moon, what secrets do you hide?
Tell me it all, don't keep it inside
Knowledge is not meant to be selfishly kept
You'd feel much better if you told me, I'll bet
But then... what would remain?
Knowing everything about happiness, sorrow, love and pain
There would be no learning, no new ideas, no surprises
Finally understanding what wise is"
Heaving another sigh, he walked off into the night
And heading back to his confused, bewildered life
But knowing that with each day that passed
He would learn more and the wisdom would last
And into the empty field where he once stood
A voice came down from above where none should
A voice older beyond any possible ways
"But much wiser have you become on this day"

By: Jason LaGarde, 1995