Loving You

Love denied is death slowly given
To be spurned by the one you love can't be forgiven
It sticks to the heart like glue
Waiting forever for those words "I love you"
Knowing forever the will never come
Quick deaths are preferred by some
Infatutions their called by those who know
That this is the love that is only for show
The other kind of love is the one that hurts
The other kind of love makes you feel like dirt
Willing to do anything, everything just to please
This kind of love is not given with ease
Some will say 'What do you know?
You're still young and need to grow
To fully understand such words as those'
I tell you I know more that cupids with bows
More than cute rock stars with tight underwear
I know the deep love that makes a heart care
I know the love that grabs your soul
Twists it and turns it till you grow old
Never letting go no matter how hard you try
Always holding on each day as you cry
Dreaming always of that person you lost
Merely because you couldn't afford the cost
The price so low you never had a clue
How easy it would be, all there was to
That simple little game that we all play
All it involves is for one to say
I care for you, be near to me
But that's to much for some you see
The only thing that stops them from taking a chance
The only thing that stops me from joining the dance
Fear of rejection, fear of the 'No'
Pouring out my heart and you saying 'So?'
You seem happy in your own little world
Surrounded by your friends both boys and girls
If I should disrupt it by telling how I feel
I'd regret it forever and feel like a heel
And the feeble friendship that once was there
Would be gone because I told you I care
And that's not what I want and it's what I fear
So I'll leave you alone to your own happy place
I'll walk away, I won't show my face
And you'll never know that I really care
And I'll never know what you're feeling there
Is it for the best? I hope so
If not, I'll live, you know
But there will always be that gap only you could fill
Maybe I'll make it over that difficult hill
In the meantime it's all here for who knows who
To read and then to tell you I love you.

By: Jason LaGarde, 1992