"Love Is"

Why did I do it?
What was I thinking?
To be so careless?
Without even blinking?
And then a voice whispers
Because of love
Love? Love made me lose control?
Love made me do crazy things
That even on my worst night
I could never myself bring?
The voice whispers again
Love did this...
I don't know that I'm in love
I don't know that that's what I'm feeling
I'm such a whirlwind of emotions
So out of control, I'm reeling
The voice again whispers
You know.
Reach down deep in your heart
Feel the tender butterfly of love
Fluttering as it emerges
Love has no right or wrong
Love has no black or white
Love is pain, love is ecstacy
Love is happiness, love is sadness
Love is everything you've ever experienced
And more then you ever will
Don't try to rationalize love
There are no answers
There is only love
Love makes the strong weak
Love makes the weak strong
Some say love & hate are two sides of the same coin
Not true
Love encompasses hate
Hate is just another emotion which is a part of love
Love brings out the best and the worst of us
And bears it to all
Love has no shame
Love is the most wonderful experience you will ever have in your entire life
And no matter what its sweetness will encompass you.
Love IS

-Jason LaGarde
October 14, 1996