Things that fascinate me...

Join with me if you will to the wonderful universe of Marvel wherein there exists a man of whom, despite his fictional origin, I have come  to admire.

Xanth is a long-standing part of my childhood and teen years. This book series brought me great joy and many friends. It is clever and sweet and a good read for all ages, especially the earlier novels. Admittedly it's been some time since I last read them. Piers Anthony is the author. 

 I also happen to be a Dalmatian fanatic. I collect dalmatian toys, miniatures, posters, you name it.  I have a beautiful dalmatian, Samantha, whom I've raised from a pup and I adore. That site is a great site for dalmatian owners and those who are considering getting a dalmatian. It's fairly dry though, so for the fun-hearted try the 101 Dalmatians home page!

My father works for NASA and I've always held an extreme fascination with both NASA and outer space in general. The NASA Homepage is one way for me to keep up on what's going on there. There are many options and even those not generally interested can enjoy themselves.

Yup, you guess it, I'm a Trekker (I prefer it to the more familiar term Trekkie) The Star Trek page is the official site for Star Trek. This site has information on all the series as well as current and upcoming movies. So check it out!

Hey.. who doesn't love The Muppets? Their wonderful antics brightened my day as a child and continue do so today. Jim Henson truly imagined a masterpiece when he came up with the idea for The Muppets. Check out for some real nostalgia.

Yup, you guessed it! Monty Python has gone online!! Check out this site, it's awesome!

 The all time ruling science fiction show around. Before there was Star Trek, before Star Wars, before Battlestar Galatica, there was Doctor Who. This british sci-fi show lasted for an incredible amount of time before the series was canceled. And still on most public stations they broadcast it. Plus Stephen Speilberg will soon be coming out with a new version this year! You've got to check out Timelash, the most comprehensive Doctor Who web site listing there is! Also click on the icon itself to find out how to save this great program from extinction!

Red Dwarf is yet another British science fiction show that has blessed the American airways. It is a comedy of sorts and manages to take every situation the group befalls into a side-splitting show. 

 Mystery Science Theatre 3000, if you don't know what it is, don't worry. If you do then congratulations! If you've seen it, then you're already a fan. Check out The Official MST3K site. It's chock-full of any info anyone might want on this hilarious show.

If ever there was a movie that deserved a home page it's this one. This movie was SO awesome, it defies description. There have been two sequels since, but none have compared to original glory of the first Highlander. And on top of that , the series is pretty cool too! So if you will, check out the official Highlander site. But remember, there can be only one.