"Life In Love"

Another day, another heavy sigh
Trying to find a reason to even try
Then I see your face in my mind
And you look at me with a smile so kind
My heart swells as your love overwhelms me
And I grin so wide, people stare strangely
But I can't help how your love makes me feel
So happy and safe, I know this is real
And I wish I could tell you what it means
Knowing that you've come and fulfilled my dreams
The love I feel grows stronger every day
More then these simple little words can say
If I say I love you it seems so base
Next to what I feel when I see your face
Sometimes I think this couldn't be true
I know I don't deserve someone like you
But yet there you are to hold my hand
Saying I love you, that I'm your man
Such things I never thought would come to me
And from someone like you especially
I know I have been blessed with your love
And it's something I can not get enough of
I miss you the moment we are apart
Until your mere touch fills my empty heart
I pray every day that our love will last
I treasure our times that have come to pass
I hope in some small way this helps you to see
How much it is you truly mean to me

-January 4, 1997