I knew once
Knew the forwards
The backwards
Knew what was up
What was down
There was you
There was me
Nothing else really mattered
I woke up with a thought of you
I fell asleep with the same
Not much has changed
Just hurts more
Yesterday I was over you
Tomorrow I might be too
Today its all about you
I wonder if that makes you happy
I knew once
What made you happy
What made you smile
What made you laugh
It made me happy too
Your smile brightened the room
It brightened my life
I wonder whose life its brightening now
I knew once
Now I only know confusion
My heart doesn't know left from right from wrong
I look for comfort
What I find are just pale shades
Someone to talk to
Someone to hold
Someone to laugh with
Someone to share moments with
You were once all of those
I knew once
How to love
How to be loved
All I know now is how to remember


Jason LaGarde

July 4th, 2000