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I've decided that this page is just too conceited, and so I've taken many of the pictures of me off, and in their place I'm going to put up some pictures of people who mean a lot to me. Some I have met from the internet, some in real life. I'm going to try to go pretty far back, so if you see yourself up here and freak, I'm sorry! Let me know and I'll take it down. :-)

I. Image: Relaxing with Sammy (20.9 KB)
II. Image: Family shot at Ren. Fest. (63.7 KB)
III. Image: For those of you who miss my chair pic (94 KB)
IV. Image: Pic of me after I got my hair cut and shaved (but it sucks :P)
V. Image: Pic of me and my friend Amber during the deconstruction of the play I was in recently 'Lend Me A Tenor' (15 KB)
VI. Image: Another of me during deconstruction of the set with Jennifer and Nick. (16 KB)
VII. GQ Picture of me while I was in France ;)
VIII. Out with my homies at Brickskellar! :) (51 KB)
IX. Teck, Nina, and yours truly :) (40 KB)

Okay this is just the start now.. seems most of the images I have now are of people I have met over the internet (big surprise) but I intend to put up many more (be afraid, be very afraid). But in the meantime, feel to peruse at your leisure. :-)

Mom is first on the list here, as well she should be. My mother is one of those mothers that you learn to share with your friends because she's just so damn cool everyone wants her as their mother. :) We've seen each other through some rough times and I would never ever trade her for anyone. Its a lucky son that can call their mother both a mentor and a friend.

Of course, Dad is next. :) Its been a long journey getting to know my father. When I was little I knew very little about him as he worked nights and I barely ever saw him. As I grew, there was a distance between us that at times seemed almost unpenetrable. But I found that Dad was growing and changing too and fortunately we grew closer together and now he and I are extremely close and I'm so glad I've had the chance to really learn who my father is and call him Dad and also a friend. We have more in common then I ever knew! He's in California now and I dearly miss him.

Next up! My brother Chris who is prolly pissed right now because he's realizing that I stole the family pictures off of his website! Hehe! *phew* We've been through some times huh, bro? Chris and I rarely ever got along when we were younger as is somewhat common for brothers. But we are much closer now and we have a mutual respect for each other. I don't think you'll ever realize how much I admire you and how proud I am of you man.

And last, but not least of my family by any stretch of the imagination is my youngest brother, Matt. Heh, Matt is definately unique. :) Matt is always putting on a show in some form or fashion, so its difficult to really get to know him, but I think I've got a good grasp to some extent. One thing no one would ever debate though, is the man is cool. :) He has incredible potential since it seems like he can accomplish just about anything he sets his mind to. If he wants it, he can get it. Absolutely amazing. There is a real soft side to Matt that not many people see and I feel priviledged to be one of the ones who has. You've got a good heart dude, don't ever let that change. And by the way, I'm damn proud of you too. :)

Okay, we're done with the family, now onto the friends! And who better to start it off then my best friend, Neale? Geez, I mean, I've known Neale since 7th grade! I think one of the things I like most about Neale is how incredibly different he is from me and yet still, how we are so much alike. :) There are days when he frustrates me to the point that I think I'm going to explode and then there are days when I thank God that He put him here in my life to be there for me. Neale and I create a great balance between each other. And I could never want for a better, more caring and wonderful friend. I LOVE YOU MAN!! (insert male posturing here) :).

This picture brings back so many wonderful memories. The people you see here made my high school years so much richer and more wonderful then I could have believed possible. You have no idea the amount of love I have for this picture and the people shown in it. Okay, from left to right: Joey, Laura, Wendy, Kristen, Becky, and kneeling is Lisa. Damn, is it any wonder I've got that stupid grin plastered on my face?? :)