"Desperate Needs"

A man walks along a sidewalk
Just a regular stroll in the city
Suddenly he is struck blind
Why, no one knows, but he is blind nonetheless

He turns in horror and asks for help
People walk by staring at him
Wondering what the poor fool is doing
Why, in the world, would a blind man walk about?

Someone help me, he cries, I can't see!
I need to get to a hospital!
Something is horribly wrong!
Why, he thinks to himself, does no one stop to help?

He knows that the road is right next to him
Or at least it was a moment ago
And one step in the wrong direction is the end
Why, do the cars sound like they're coming from everywhere?

The man begins to crumble
He sits down on the cold sidewalk
And begins to cry
Why, he screams, won't anyone help me?

Then a soft hand touches his shoulder
He freezes afraid to move
A voice whispers, Is something wrong?
Why, would anyone, sit on the sidewalk in the middle of the city?

Please he begs, please help me
I've suddenly gone blind and I can't see
Of course I'll help you, the woman answers
Why, for heavens sake, wouldn't I help a person in need?

The man sobs with relief
The two walk away to seek help for the poor man
And the people watch the man clasp the woman so desperately
Why, they think, would a man need a woman so much?

-Jason LaGarde
April 10, 1997