I wondered what to give the father I love;
A book, a watch, or some new work clothes.
I wondered how to tell you how much I care
About you, my father, who's always there.

And then I felt this feeling inside
So terribly sad that I almost cried
That this father of mine who I hold so dear
Might not be with me this time next year.

It came to me, then, what I must give
This feeling inside that I want you to live
To let you know how much I'll miss you
Your warmth, your strength, and your company, too.

You've been a good father to the likes of me
You've helped me become what I wanted to be
You were there when I needed you, what more could I ask?
To help me today with lessons of the past.

So I want you to know where I'm going from here
To be with my family, year after year
To love and care for them just as you showed me
Is the most important thing I could ever be.

And there is one thing I have found in my life
God is on your side in every strife
So I'll pray to God to let you live
Forever and ever as only He can give.

With this poem I'm going to give you today
I wanted to tell you, "Happy Father's Day!"
But more then that, I had something to do
To let you know, Dad, how much I love you.