I'm afraid.
Afraid to love.
Afraid not to love.
And I know I do love
And I know that that loving makes me vulnerable
I can be hurt
I can be wounded
My hearts blood can bleed until I must be dead
My salvation is acceptance
My damnation is rejection
Who I am
Is who I am
If I am not wholly loved
Then I'm not loved at all
What is me
Must become you
What is you
Must become me
A mingling of our souls
Twisting and twining together
Any discord in the mingling
Must be resolved
Must be faced and extinquished
If your heart
Does not accept mine
Then my heart is worthless
A piece of lint stuck to your toe
I must be who I am
Yet I must be who you want me to be
An unexpected dilemma
I want the two to be one
Am I naive?
My heart sits before you in clay
Yet the clay is already hardened
It longs to be molded
But longing doesn't make it so
Maybe some water will soften the clay
Please be gentle though
I fear the cracks.