I am addicted...
And you are my drug.
Is it my love for you that spawns the addiction?
I no longer know
When you leave withdrawal begins.
At first it was quick and extremely painful
But with each fix, it hurts a little less
Am I losing the addiction?
My love for you feels no weaker
So what is it, that need, that you fulfill?
No one other fulfills it.
And if my love has not changed
Then what has?
I will always love you.
Maybe... I won't always need you.
I wonder what will happen then.
For now I have my fix.
Now it's just a waiting game.
I wait for you.
I wait for the need to grow.
I wait for my life to begin again.
With or without you.
I can't live, with or without you.
So, for now, I am dead.
I wish somebody would have told me
What it's like to be dead.
I would have tried to enjoy being alive much more.

By: Jason LaGarde
May 6, 1999